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Online Giving Options
General Fund
A gift to the general fund supports the ongoing ministry of Silverdale Community Church. This is a typical spot to place your tithe.
Pastor's Discretionary Fund (PDF)
A gift to this fund provides financial help to members of the church body who are in need.

A gift to the Missions fund, you support Silverdale Community Church's Outreach Mission Team to share funds to these mission areas:
Locally: Food Bank, Georgia's House, Youth Ministries
Internationally: Haiti, India, Operation Christmas Child, Philippines, Romania

Hallowed Grounds Cafe
A gift to the Hallowed Grounds Cafe, you provide funds to provide a free community dinners on Tuesdays to low income people.

 Thank you for making a difference!
Please email the office if you would like to designate your funds to a specific mission. sumc@silverdale-umc.org

Building Fund
A gift to the building fund supports the ongoing structure upgrades and repairs.
Please feel free to click "Other" to give the finance team discretion over where the greatest need for your gift is.

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