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Advent Week 4 - Peace

by Kishwaukee Bible Church on December 24, 2018

Pray that God will make his Peace real to you as you consider what it
means to know the Prince of Peace intimately.

Read this scripture passage: Colossians 1:19–23

Consider this: We often think of Peace in terms of human relationships,
and that kind of Peace is certainly a blessing. Here, the Bible talks about
Peace with God – a much greater blessing of infinite worth – which is
only possible because of Jesus’ death on the cross.

Reflection questions about our Scripture passage:

1. Why is Peace with God so much more valuable than Peace with
other people?

2. What are the descriptive words in these verses, and what do these
words tell us about ourselves, our God, and our Savior?

3. What assurances or promises are found in this passage?

4. How would this passage be different if Jesus had not come?


• for God to let you know the incomparable Peace that only Jesus the
Savior can give

• with praise for the Prince of Peace who will bring Peace to all the
Earth when every knee bows to King Jesus

• for the Peace of Christ to be evident in the way you interact with
your family, your friends, and others, especially at Christmas time

Additional Scriptures

Feel free to use the same questions for reflection.

• John 14:25–29

• Philippians 4:4–7

• Romans 5:1–11