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by Dave Snapper, Associate Pastor on October 28, 2020

Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

If SUMC declares its final position for the upcoming US Election...

...It would sound something like this.

“2020 has been a significant year for upset and distress,” lamented Pastor John Weston, senior pastor of the Silverdale United Methodist Church congregation, “and people are reeling with confusion and disorder caused by the pandemic and COVID-19.”

It is well-known that the pandemic has created job—losses, disruption to schools and medical facilities as well as to the church, the nation and the entire globe. 

“It seemed critical that at this time in history the pastor of SUMC should make a strong statement about where this congregation stands during these unstable times. We’re not wafflers on critical matters,” the pastor stated decisively.

When asked about the congregation’s stand, Pastor Weston said, “We stand with Jesus. That’s it. Pure and simple. Four basic facts undergird our position.”

Almost immediately, the NYT and CNN reporters pressed for those reasons Pastor Weston said the following.

“First of all, we like Jesus. It’s a very simple matter, really. Jesus’ yoke is easy and his burden is light. Frankly, that appeals to those who are weary of the heavy sins of this world. Even those of us not raised on a farm, who have never see a yoke, understand that Jesus invites people who are weary and heavy-burdened to come to him for spiritual rest.  He will share the load! Isn’t that great!” Pastor Weston smiled at this statement and then added. “He’s the only one I know who actually helps me with life’s spiritual burdens. You’ve just got to love someone like that.”

Reporters from the NYT, still skeptical, pressed the pastor for more details.

“Second, we’re on board with Jesus’ policies and plans for cultural transformation. We wholeheartedly endorse his policies for renewing our communities, saving souls and affirming the value of every human life. Sure, every politician running for office has ideas – and some of them are pretty good, as you know – but Jesus has this track record that started with the Roman Empire. You recall that in those days terrible dehumanizing cruelty ruled the globe. Jesus was the single person in history who gave citizenship and identity to women and children. His ideas changed the world. It was the evangelical Christian movement of the 1800’s that ended slavery in the United States.  Frankly, Jesus has a two-thousand year track record of implementing his Father’s plan to care for the strangers, to defends the aliens and the weak, and to provide for the poor and the widows. Who else has a record like that?”

Pastor Weston, on a roll, said, “Think about the greatest spokespeople for liberty in our history – many of them were Christians. Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King was one of the most recent famous followers of this Jesus.” 

The SUMC position is that Jesus is the most significant transformer of culture in all of western history – and the wold.

“Third,” Pastor Weston continued, “Jesus has a way of staying on track. Have you noticed how political people who plead for votes will promise many things, but in the end, it doesn’t always turn out the way they promise. They always disappoint.

But, Jesus said to let your yes be yes and our no be no. He never flinched and never backed-away from trouble. Never. If the Pharisees were furious that he was gracious to a sinner – he was gracious anyway.  Or, if the elitist priestly-class of Jerusalem wanted to trick Jesus with a political question about paying taxes – Jesus wasn’t fooled. His loyalty was to his Father in Heaven and no one else. He delivered what he promised.”