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Living with Faith? Or Fear?

by Rev. Larry Eddings on January 13, 2021
God told Gideon - a farmer, not a warrior, to amass an army to fight and overcome Israel’s Midianite oppressors. At first resisting, but ultimately obeying, Gideon was able to pull together 32,000 troops. Then God told Gideon to tell them, “Whoever is fearful and trembling may return home.” (Judges 7:3) As a result, he lost 22,000 troops , leaving him with 10,000 to fight a huge Midianite army.
Then God told Gideon to put the remaining 10,000 troops to a drinking test. They were to go to the river, get on their knees and drink. Some leaned down and drank from the stream, with faces in the water. Others cupped water in their hands and drank - presumably showing that, while satisfying their thirst, they remained alert to what was happening around them.
As a result of that test, Gideon lost another 9,700 troops. He had only a remaining 300, out of the original 32,000, to go to war against their adversary. God’s purpose? To show that it was God’s power, not man’s army, who brought about the victory. He won!
God, in Christ, has amassed an army of an estimated 305 million Christians in the United States of America. (2019 count) We are in a war, not against visible armies, but invisible ones. We have a virus that is on a worldwide killing spree. There are governmental - and certain church officials’ mandates, that have forced the closure of our places of worship. There are moves being made by some to strip our nation of the basic right of freedom of speech, including freedom to worship. There may be others, but these are enough to get our attention.
We Christians are faced with a decision. The first may be like that which was given by God to Gideon. Tell them, “Whoever is fearful and trembling may return home.” And for good reason - fear will negatively impact the eventual outcome of any battle. This may mean that 200 million of us Christians who are fearful, may be going home, locking the doors and putting ourselves in quarantine.
That will leave 105 million of us to prepare for the battle. Looking once again to God and Gideon, God will call these remaining ones to get on our knees to drink and pray, be refreshed - and tested. Some of us may kneel down low, with closed eyes, seriously contemplating what to do, while seeing before us only the infilling or satisfying of our own personal needs. Others of us will also kneel down in prayer, but in faith, have our heads held up, hands lifted, with eyes, minds and hearts open and alert to what’s going on around us.
That may result in another reduction in numbers, leaving about 3 million alert, faith-filled, fearless, totally committed Believers who are prayed up and ready to enter and win the battle - realizing that it happened only because God promised us, as he did to Gideon, “Go in the strength that you have. ........ I will be with you.” (Judges 6:14, 16). I pray that I have the faith to be in this group!
Brothers and sisters in Christ, if we are living in fear of what is happening around us, and we respond in fear, we are not living in the will of God or in the power of his Holy Spirit. He has commanded us over 365 times in his Word, “Do not be afraid!”
Our fear - or any fear for that matter, is overcome by truly knowing - having faith and believing, that the indwelling Holy Spirit of God is with us. He has the power to help us overcome any adversary - seen or unseen, with faith and without fear, because we know the battle belongs to our Lord. He hasn’t lost one yet!