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New Year Fast

December 31, 2019
Pastor John's food for thought about fasting...

Silverdale United is once again starting the New Year with a three week season of prayer and fasting.
Sound intimidating?
It’s not. We are setting aside the first three weeks of the year to make more room for God in our lives. The fast is voluntary, and will not be monitored. And it is not for impressing your friends (Matthew 6). This is between you and the Lord. See how God will meet you!
If you are new to fasting, consider a “water fast” one day per week for three weeks where you skip breakfast and lunch, and then break the fast that evening with dinner (John Wesley did this twice per week). Always drink plenty of water when fasting!
Pray about taking part in our 21 day fast starting January 1st.  We recommend the “Daniel Fast” of only water, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains (and protein supplements as medically necessary). This is based on the practice of one of ancient Israel’s great statesmen and prayer warriors (see Daniel in the Old Testament).
Fasting is intensely personal and spiritual. It is good for the body and especially for your spirit. Consult with a physician if in doubt.  Join us!

Rev. Larry's tips for fasting...
....."I thought it might be helpful to share my thoughts with you and pray that they will be helpful when you are undertaking a fast on which the Lord leads you.
I have found that, in fasting, to refrain from making it a legal requirement, but a blessed adventure with the Lord. That is, if I slip and break it at some point, I don't beat myself up for having "failed," but simply start back at it once again.
The Daniel fast is designed to avoid rich foods, party foods, heavy foods, etc. In terms of eating it involves fruits, vegetables, lots of water and juices. We also include protein drinks (powders can be gotten at health food stores). We juice fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots, mixing the carrots with celery (for me) as too pure carrots can also work as a laxative, so take care in that. Mix fruits and vegetables and try your own combination that is pleasant to your taste.
In terms of fasting, other than eating, some are called to quit reading certain kinds of books and focus on the Bible; others turn off the TV for that period of time; others avoid watching movies, DVDs, and other things that reflect more of the world than of the Kingdom of God.
Fasting is also designed to change our focus - not just avoiding certain things, but replacing them with other things that are more positive and beneficial to our spiritual, emotional, physical and relational health: like study of Scriptures, prayer, worship, visiting the sick and shut-ins, and providing help to persons with special needs. We ask the Lord what He would have us do and then try to do it to the best of our ability.
*Those of you with health problems who must take medications: consider taking meds with protein drink. (If you have any health questions, check with your doctor before fasting.)
*It is best to avoid caffeine drinks and foods during the fast.