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Rebuilding Our Walls

by Pastor David Snapper on July 21, 2021
Most kids love puzzles and riddles.
At least I did, for example this one:
Q: What is red and white on the outside and gray on the inside?
A: Campbell's Cream of Elephant soup.

That was hilarious at age ten!

Or remember this one?
Suppose you were lost in the mountains.
You stumble upon a cabin Inside are three things:
1. A match
2. A candle
3. A stove.
Night is falling and you are cold and hungry. Which one do you light first? Wow, that was tough for most of us. The candle gives me light. But the stove could be used to make dinner. The right answer, of course, is that you light the match first.

Ohhh, we never saw it coming at age ten!

Here’s another puzzler for you. If you are devoting your energy to rebuilding the walls of the church, what do you do first?  What is the priority? Of the hundreds of things you could do, which one is the first and most important activity?
1. Prayer, to seek God’s will
2. Purify our hearts because Nehemiah tells us that God is looking for people who love his laws.

OK.  We’ve done that. Now what? What do we do first?

Paint the building? Hold a rally? Have a fundraiser? Put an ad in the newspaper? Hire a consultant?  Hire a lawyer? Remember the Good Old Days?

We have many options. We have so many choices we may not know where to begin.

In this Sunday’s message we’ll see a surprising answer from Nehemiah 3. Nehemiah knew exactly what to do. You’ll need to look very carefully to see, but it’s right there in Nehemiah 3.

I hope you will have an hour or two to read this chapter. Take notes. Ask yourself: What was the first and most important part of rebuilding those walls of Jerusalem?

What is the first and most important part of rebuilding our walls?
What walls in my life need attention and rebuilding?