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Thank You Silverdale UMC!

by Daniel Kluth | Coffee Oasis Community Development on June 16, 2021
Dear Silverdale UMC,
I am so grateful for your continuing partnership with The Coffee Oasis.
Together we are committed to restoring community through compassionate youth programs and coffee business
in the name of Jesus! Whether we are providing shelter, roasting coffee, or responding to a crisis text, we are working towards the restoration of relationships.
CO5 Cafe Remodel 2.jpg  CO5 Cafe Remodel.jpg
This year we were able to remodel our Poulsbo Cafe!

As a faith-based nonprofit organization, we want everyone to experience the love of Jesus in our cafes, through the way we make and serve our coffee. Our baristas are so committed to our mission that all tips go directly to helping our youth!

The Coffee Oasis Cafes play a vital role in changing the world for homeless youth.
Our coffee is direct trade, locally roasted, with 100% of the proceeds supporting our The Coffee Oasis youth programs. 
In addition, they also offer youth the opportunity to participate in job training and internships. Internships offered at The Coffee Oasis Cafes, provide the opportunity to learn skills and gain confidence as well as help youth as they work towards permanent employment and housing.
The pandemic has hit our cafes as it has hit us all. We are so grateful for your continued support during this time! Initially we had lost over 65% of our day to day sales but by the one year mark we managed to recoup some of that and ended with only a 45% drop. Our cafes are currently open at all locations, with limited hours for each location posted on our website.
CO1 Youth in Park.jpg  CO4 Youth at park.JPG  CO5 Youth & Pizza.jpg
May outings and pizza!

The impact the pandemic has had on our business is secondary to the impact it has had on our youth, many of whom have felt shut-out from the rest of the world. One example of this is that our Crisis Manager has been responding to 1-2 suicide attempts per week.
The Coffee Oasis youth programs offer a place for the community to invest in their future—the youth. We do this through our Youth Engagement and Development programs, Crisis Services and Hope Homes. These programs include creating safe shared spaces, mentorship, street and school outreach, goal setting, job training, shelter, and crisis intervention, including a 24 hour textline.
Here is my favorite story from last week:
J. first heard about The Coffee Oasis in the cafeteria of her school. She remembers thinking, “This is weird. Why do they want to spend time with me?” J. was 15-years-old when she met Megan and Darrell at South Kitsap High School. Life was a mess. She was a frequent flyer at the juvenile detention center. Despite all her efforts, she could not seem to make sense out of life. Friends were the focus of her life, but those friends were the ones that kept pulling her back into trouble. “Coffee O really helped me get out of my troubles.”
J. is now 22-years-old. Her growth isn’t an overnight success story. It is a story of consistency and investments of hope along the way. J. kept coming and The Coffee Oasis team kept caring.
Earlier this year J. had a moment when she felt a big burden lifted. She attended the Summit Initiative Training with The Coffee Oasis. This training helps kids share their story. J. was nervous that she would be judged when others heard her story. Instead, she felt a “great weight lift.” J. said, “I realized that Jesus is here right now in my story. I’m not sure what I believe, but Jesus really showed me that he has always been there. Even when life was really hard.”
J. wants to be a vet tech and is hoping to attend college next year.
RESULTS THIS YEAR: January to April 2021:
  • 3,219 youth accessed resources at our drop-in centers
  • 2,015 bed nights provided for youth through Hope Homes
  • 312 case management sessions
  • 3,749 responses to crisis text messages through 24/7 Oasis Crisis Text Line
We are committed to a vibrant and growing community of youth and volunteers, learning to share life together, and growing in love. 
We love our youth and provide them the support and resources they need on a daily basis. The only way for our mission to succeed is through the support of the entire community — intentional intergenerational and cross-cultural investment.

Thank you for your faithful partnership with us in loving and restoring these youth, and our community!

And helping to build a place together where bats aren’t needed for protection.
Daniel Kluth
Restoring community through compassionate youth programs and coffee business
Community Development