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Way To Go Second Fiddles

by David Snapper, SUMC Associate Pastor on April 21, 2021
You see the photo of one of our members riding the lawn mower on the grassy field. That’s just one example of what it means to be a Second Fiddle — a person who sacrifices their own time and energy for the blessing of the entire congregations.

As Pastor John mentioned in last Sunday’s message, Jonathan had everything going for him — he was the crown prince, the one person guaranteed to be important and powerful. Right at the top of his career Jonathan realized that his good friend, David, was scheduled to be God’s choice as king. Jonathan gave up his role and chose to help David. That’s the heroic sacrifice of the Second Fiddle.

This week Pastor John promised we’d hear about an even greater Second Fiddle. I know I’m looking forward to this message.

I was thinking of the Second Fiddles in my life.  Today is Administrator Day — so I’m thinking of our office staff — Alissa and Roialyn — who give so much to help other people All day long, it is Second Fiddle to make the rest of us look and perform better.  It’s heroic, what they do for us.

Musicians, our Praise Band, give tirelessly so you can I can sound better when we sing. Gifted people who give so much. Second Fiddles. Thank you.

Maybe are/were blessed by a spouse who contributed to your work in God’s Kingdom.  They are often the unsung heroes of the faith, the mother of the Wesley brothers famously prayed for her children. How many hundreds of millions of grandmothers and mothers, grandfathers and fathers are the heroic and faithful Second Fiddles? I know many of you are. You’d do anything for your children to bring them to Jesus. Way to go, Second Fiddles.

I could go on and on — as many of you sacrifice your many gifts for the purpose of blessing another person in God’s kingdom. Driving a bus, making endless meals, cleaning, teaching, typing, phoning, visiting, listening, and listening some more (something I’m not good at!).

The idea of a Second Fiddle is NOT that you are just a servant for anyone and everyone. Not at all. The Second Fiddle is the servant of God, who is essential to the work of God in this world. Way to go, Second Fiddles!