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What is Required of the Peculiar Ones?

What is Required of the Peculiar Ones?

by Steve Twiss | Youth Sunday 1965 on September 29, 2021

Is every person assembled in this sanctuary today because he fervently desires to be here, or, as individuals are we gathered here today merely because it is the Sunday thing to do?

Are we sitting here only because our neighbor is sitting beside us?

Are we here because we firmly wish to worship God or are we assembled her today because we worship the Almighty Dollar?

Are we gathered to flaunt our wealth, prestige, and social standing; does charity, love of fellow man, and praise to God take second place behind material deities?

Are we the Peculiar Ones because we sit in this place of divine worship today, or are we the people outside, the persons too lazy to attend services or the no-conformists, are they the Peculiar Ones?

Which group is the Peculiar Ones? But what is require of the Peculiar Ones?

It is we gathered here today who are the Peculiar Ones! Every one of us should firmly state that he is a Peculiar One.

In the past every one of us has pretended that he is truly charitable, has pretended that he loves his fellow man, and has pretended to worship God! We have so concealed the qualities of love and charity that they are, but hollow phrases dressed for a masquerade ball. In the world today these qualities are almost obsolete for if these noble qualities were truly prevalent, the world we are living in would not be in its present stat of affairs.

Jesus Christ Himself was a Peculiar One. While Christ taught and practiced giving of oneself, everyone else practices the art of getting all they could for themselves. He was considered peculiar, because He was truly charitable, and He love His fellow man.

Chris loved His fellow man so ardently that he was crucified for our sake!

The people living at that time could not accept his teaching for He preached of charity, the giving of oneself, and love. However, the people who believed in Christ’s teachings and followed Him were also considered the Peculiar Ones. They, the small minority, believed in giving oneself and what is more important, they practiced what they preached!

Every one of us crucifies Jesus Christ every day of the week. We cannot, truly, call ourselves the Peculiar Ones unless we put an end to hatred, greed, and prejudices and work together toward the goals that Christ died for.

The torch has been-passed, it is up to us, sitting her today, to carry the brilliant light of His love to the darkest corners of the earth!

If Christ was able to labor toward the goals He set, in the manner, in which He did, do you not think that we, together, can at least attempt to achieve these goals. Let us work together to eradicate hatred, violence, evil, greed and callousness.

Think of the miracle that could be accomplished if we cast aside our differences, as we would cast aside a coat that was out of fashion and work together in harmony toward a betterment of the world and to obtain the goals that Jesus spend His entire life on earth laboring for.

Let us try to imagine a land of milk and honey. A world where people live in harmony and love. A land where we would all be truly happy and contented. A land of peace where good will abounds.

For many of us, this may be hard to imagine, for our minds have been steeled against the attainment of these goals. Let us dissolve the greed and self-importance that surrounds us as individually. For all too many years we have only been interested in getting instead of giving.

The “get all can for my-self” policy of the modern world, is a philosophy which must be destroyed if we are to call ourselves the Peculiar Ones and to work whole-heartedly toward Christ’s goals with Christ instead of against Him.

Our petty jealousies must be dissolved. Our hardened 20th century minds must be opened to permit His wisdom to enlighten us.

The only reason we were born into this world was to carry-on God’s work, to carry His torch, to fulfill His will. We have failed Him miserably in many ways, but it is never too late to right a wrong, or to change a course of life.

Let us not wait until tomorrow to pluck His torch from the ground but let us today carry it on high for everyone to see that we are the Peculiar Ones, for we are working towards the betterment of His goals.

Working together there is nothing that we cannot accomplish but working against each other there is little that we can accomplish.

Leaving here today, let us be proud to be called the Peculiar Ones. Because we will at least attempt to practice what we preach for we are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own people that (we) may declare the wonderful deeds of Him who called (us) out of darkness into His marvelous light. Once (we) were no people, but now we are God’s people; once (we) had not received mercy, but now (we) have received mercy…. Amen.