Advent Week 2 Devotion - Love


Pray that God will give you a vivid picture of his Love, how big and
wide and long and deep his Love truly is.

Read this scripture passage: Romans 5:6–11

Consider this: The opposite of Love is not hate. It is selfishness. Love
requires giving, and the greatest love gives everything and takes nothing
in return. That is the kind of love described in this passage.

Reflection questions about our Scripture passage:

1. How would you describe the example of Love we see in
this passage?

2. What does this passage tell us about God? about ourselves?

3. What assurances or promises are found in this passage?

4. How would this passage be different if Jesus had not come?


• for a deeper understanding of God’s Love for you

• with gratitude that God first loved you, even when you did not know
how desperately you needed his loving mercy

• that God will help you love with Jesus’ kind of Love – a Love that
asks for nothing in return

Additional Scriptures:
Feel free to use the same questions for reflection.
• John 15:8–11
• Psalm 103:6–13
• Galatians 2:20