Worship Service

10:30 am — 11:45 am

Nursery care is provided during service. There is an ASL interpreter during this service. Read More


KYP and Newlife Youth

7:00 pm — 8:30 pm

SUMC's youth group the Kitsap Youth Project and Newlife Church Youth Group meets in the ... Read More


Church Calendar

May 29

Pastor Edd and Pam's last day

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

We will be hosting an old fashioned potluck for the send off and farewell of Pastor Denton and ... Read More

Jun 1

rescheduled Church Council Meeting

6:50 pm

Meeting will be in the west wing meeting room. All congregants and constituants are welcome. ... Read More

Jun 8

Finance Committee meeting

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm


Commercial Drivers License

We currently have a beautiful 2005 Chevy Bus just sitting in our parking lot …Read More

Supporting our Sunday Fellowship Time

Many of us enjoy fellowship with each other after worship services on …Read More

Prayer Shawls

Yo! You workers with yarn.  Whip out your needles and prepare to …Read More

Boxlight & Streaming Services

If anyone would like to learn how to run the boxlight on Sunday mornings or …Read More

Trustees need volunteers!

The Trustees are looking for volunteers to help with painting, installing …Read More

Pastor's Thoughts

The Bible

By: Pastor Edd

At an address to the International Youth Congress on April 29, 1932 Dietrich Bonhoeffer said: “… has it not again and again become terribly clear in all that we have said here to each other that we are no longer obedient to the Bible. We prefer our own ideas to those of the Bible. We no longer read the Bible seriously, no longer read it as against us but only as for us. … this … shows us that before we meet again, we will have to learn …Read More

Keeping our Integrity

By: Pastor Edd

This week I had to travel more than normal so I decided to try an experiment. I set my cruise control to the speed limit as I traveled from Silverdale to Seattle and back again. I even used my GPS to confirm I was traveling the speed limit. What I discovered is that I did not pass anyone but a lot of people passed me. Everyone who passed me either did not care that they were speeding or they knew that the police would, most likely, give them a buy if they were not …Read More

God is for Everyone

By: Pastor Edd

I believe John Wesley’s greatest wish was to relate people to Christ in such a way that their lives were changed forever. He was concerned about those who the church wasn’t reaching and did all he could to reach out to them. He also did practical things like Sunday school where reading, writing and such were taught to those who couldn’t afford school. He wrote a book called “Primitive Physick” to help those who could not afford doctors. …Read More


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