This is how we work at Silverdale Community Church:

We are a group of people who are committed to Jesus Christ.  We are grounded in Scripture, and serve Him by sharing His love.  In short, our “mission” is about “loving God and people”.

Our church accomplishes that under the guidance of the Holy Spirit through many different groups and people.

How we are organized:

Pastor John Weston is our senior pastor at Silverdale Community Church.

Silverdale Community Church Office Staff and Teams:

This group is a talented collection of people that includes paid staff and volunteers. Each are the “the heart and hands of SCC”. They cover every ministry from Front Desk/Office to Missions both in Community Outreach and across our globe.

See the STAFF page for information.

Check out a team you might want to contact to learn more about on our Ministry page.

Staff Parish-Relations Committee (SPRC)

A team that oversees the relationship between Pastor, the staff and the church body at Silverdale Community Church. They are the HR “department” in our church.

The Board of Trustees

This board takes care of the physical property of Silverdale Community Church which includes anything you would hire a professional to build or repair.  The Trustee team leader organizes work parties to care for the grounds, the buildings, and get bids for jobs too technical for our “hands-on” congregation.


Church Council

The Church Council is the formal leadership team of Silverdale Community Church.  Throughout the month, they work with the congregation who are active in outreach, Christian education, building maintenance, and maintaining a digital presence.  At a monthly meeting, they problem-solve any concerns, and brainstorm opportunities to expand our mission of “Serving Jesus, Loving People, Living His Word”.

Safe Church Policy

We are called by God to ensure the safety of all within our presence, and to ensure that we create a community of faith were children, youth and vulnerable adults can be safe and grow strong.

All who work directly with the population groups listed must pass background checks before participating in Silverdale Community Church sponsored activities. We accomplish this through our Safe Church Policy.