What We Believe

Doctrinal Statement

Silverdale United is a part of the United Methodist Church denomination. Our beliefs are in line with classic expressions of orthodox Christianity. For the denominational website's belief links, visit

The following three items anchor our doctrinal commitments:

This may seem exclusive or fringe, but Wesley was in fact searching for the most basic, universally-acknowledged expressions of the faith as found in the scriptures and the writings of the early church fathers. The Methodist Articles of Religion are an abridged, simplified edit of the thirty-nine articles of the Anglican Church out of which Methodism sprang.
((Methodists standy by these items because they are the most reliable and universally acknowlaged expressions of the orthodox Christian faith found in the English language. ))

 Brief Historical Statement

John Wesley started the Methodist movement in the 1700s to wake up the Church of England. This was part of a larger national revival which spread to the Thirteen Colonies in America. The Revolutionary War necessitated the start of a new denomination: the Methodist Episcopal Church. Though undergoing name changes over the centuries, Methodism has always been about a Bible-centered faith in Jesus Christ that anyone can understand and live out in their personal lives through acts of love and service.

Hot Button Issues

Social issues are sticky for every church. Our local preferences and standards fall in line with our denomination's official positions on...
((Silverdale United Methodist Church stand firmly with the historcal Christian faith. Though you may read a great deal concerning differences of opinion and the turmoil it can cause, this congregation stands in the historical Christian tradition on these contemporary issues:))

Human Sexuality: The United Methodist Church does not condone homosexual practice and has officially described it as “incompatible with Christian teaching.” Silverdale United affirms that all people, regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other behavior or characterstic, are made in God's image and deserving of an opportunity for a life of faith. If you're looking for a church that supports “progressive” LGBT political agendas, we're not it. If you're looking for a church that will have a conversation about these new developments in our culture and how they intersect with the classic Christian faith, we could be your new church.

Abortion: The United Methodist Church discourages and condemns abortion as a means of birth control, but acknowledges that rare situations may arise where an abortion is necessary for the health and safety of the mother. You could say we are pro-life but not in a rigid sense.

Politics: The United Methodist Church is claimed by both George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton. Our denomination is bipartisan and so is our local church. We do not endorse candidates, but each of us are encouraged to speak up on issues, even if we disagree.

We have intentionally only touched the surface of the UMC's positions on social issues that matter to people today. For a survey of the denomination's positions on different issues and causes, please visit
http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe/united-methodist-topics. For the technical wording, you'll need to look at our Book of Discipline and the Book of Resolutions. They contain the official word, and were made by the General Conference of the United Methodist Church, so they are products of what we call “holy conferencing.”

Local Emphasis

Holy Spirit: The Spirit of God is often neglected or ignored in American churches. Silverdale United has a passion for God's power and immediacy through his Spirit in worship, prayer, and everyday life. We value hands-on prayer and see miracles on a regular basis including physical healings. We encourage all of our people to get trained to offer these simple blessings to their friends, family, and members of the larger Kitsap community.
Wind of the Spirit Ministries is a non-profit Christian ministry that operates out of the SUMC facility and is volunteer-staffed by SUMC members and retired clergy.
((Silverdale United Methodist Church has a passion for God's power and intamacy through his Spirit in worship, prayer and everyday life. We value person-to-person prayer and look for the presence of God in our daily lives, including comfort, assurance, wisdom, healing, spiritual renweal, adn teh redemtion adn renewal of our hearts and souls.))

Cross-Cultural Church: In 2010, Christian Bible Fellowship, a lay-initiated, non-denominational new church start for Filipinos in the Kitsap area, merged with then SUMC. Today we are a diverse fellowship worshiping together. We currently include bilingual scripture readings as a reminder of our global identity as the Body of Christ.

Those In Need: While we love worship and Bible study and being together as Christians, we also have a heart for those who struggle in life. Hallowed Grounds Cafe was founded in 2010, and offers weekly dinners every Tuesday night free of charge in partnership with foodlifeline.org. We also operate an in-house Food Bank every Thursday, and our Clothing Closet. Beginning 2016, SUMC has been serving as a Severe Weather Shelter location in partnership with Kitsap County; homeless people have been able to sleep in our facility on nights when the county's system is activated during the winter.

Generation Next: SUMC is a sweet spot for seniors, and we seek to grow in our ministry for today's young adults. Since 2016, we have been a part of Pivot Northwest, a Lilly Endowment initiative to explore why millennials are largely turned off by organized religion in America. If you are under the age of 40 and want to help build something new, there is an opportunity for you with us!